Thursday, May 7, 2009

Archaeopteryx: MIDI File Export

I've added a new feature to Archaeopteryx, one I've been intending to add for a very long time: the ability to export MIDI files. Technically it's not export, it's create, but it'd be insane to create a MIDI file without using the live-coding to hear it first, so it might as well be export.

I often get questions like "how do I use Archaeopteryx?" so I put together a screencast where I demonstrated how to use this functionality and why it was cool. I recorded it twice, and even ended up creating a little music in Reason just to demonstrate why and how this functionality comes in handy, but both screencasting attempts failed due to some unknown fuckery and I'm too tired to make a third attempt at the moment.

Until I do that, here's an example mp3.

The code is on GitHub.

For a brief overview of how I created the mp3, I started with Archaeopteryx auto-generating 32 measures of original drum & bass rhythms. Then I chose a few of those rhythms, cut and pasted them, and made them the foundation of the track. Then I chose a couple loops by David Carbone for keys and a bass line. Last I added some effects to the remaining, unused beats Archaeopteryx had auto-generated, and used them as a dubby background layer to add complexity to the arrangement.

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