Friday, May 1, 2009

Mini-Mixes From My Beats Twitter

I do a Twitter experiment where I post a new beat every day. Sometimes to liven things up I post a mix instead of something original, usually minimixes of just a few tracks. I've noticed that neither a user's main page nor a search on that user will return tweets older than a certain age, and I've mostly noticed when attempting to find something I said earlier that I wanted to follow up on (which makes it a very annoying decision in my opinion, and something a blogger-oriented Twitter client should remedy, but that's a tangent).

Long story short, I've wanted to listen to some of these mixes again, and Blogger archives this stuff forever, so I'm putting the mixes here. A caveat, these are all experiments, I've haven't wanted to listen to all of them a second time, and many of them involve the same tracks. I'm mostly putting them here for archiving. However, they may be fun to listen to, so by all means go for it.


Komonazmuk, Hexadecibel; raver nostalgia

I'm pretty sure this is nothing but Komonazmuk


Napt "Flow" remix plus Trojan trancey track

Funky, dubby, electro-y

Electro-y, acid-y, techfunk

Nearly exactly the same mix

Fucking around with filters

Dubstep & Breaks

Hey, why not? Listen to this and you'll know why not.

Drum & Bass

Wanders a lot but mostly dubby/new-agey

Technical notes, everything was done in Ableton Live, and I have to tell you, Ableton's fantastic for production, but I don't like it for mixing at all. I'm either getting Traktor, driving my turntables out from New Mexico (I've got four in storage), buying new ones, or maybe all of the above.

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  1. it's pc only, and I hate to say it, but image-line's deckdance eats the ass off traktor.

    traktor is def still decently hot though.
    (this just in, via google, oh shit, it's os-x as well! /me dl's the life out of it)

    now let's just hope it's more stable on os x....

    so hot.
    so hot.


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