Wednesday, May 20, 2009

RMM Will Never Be Able To Leverage Collective Intelligence; Ruby Toolbox Already Does

I feel bad about harshing on Obie's project all the time, but Pete Forde is right:

The reason Ruby Toolbox beats RMM:


RMM makes the same mistake as Hacker News.

Neither RMM nor HN leverages collective intelligence.

Ruby developers can choose from a variety of tools to get their job done.

The Ruby Toolbox gives you an overview of these tools, sorted in categories and rated by the amount of watchers and forks in the corresponding source code repository on GitHub so you can find out easily what options you have and which are the most common ones in the Ruby community.

Ruby Toolbox leverages collective intelligence. By counting watchers and forks on GitHub, you get an objective measurement. RMM surveys people, which means it obtains a subjective measurement. Ruby developers participate in Ruby Toolbox without being aware of it, while each individually pursuing their own goals. RMM users participate in RMM with full awareness and with a collective goal.