Sunday, June 7, 2009

Future Ruby: Mobile Orchard iPhone Class

If you're headed to Future Ruby, I hope you get there a day or so early, like me, to go to the iPhone class that Dan Grigsby from Mobile Orchard will be teaching.

Spend the Thursday and Friday before the conference learning to build polished, ready-to-ship iPhone applications. Dan Grigsby, a speaker at RubyFringe last year, will be teaching a discounted, adapted-for-Rubyists version of Mobile Orchard's renowned beginning iPhone programming class.

Walk in Thursday morning with no previous Objective-C, Cocoa, or iPhone development experience; walk out - and over to FAILcamp - having built apps that incorporate location, motion and email. On Friday you’ll build table/ navigation style apps (e.g., Apple's Mail and Contacts app) with persistent data storage, hybrid web/native apps, apps that consume ActiveResource RESTful APIs, and more.

The class mixes practical project examples with Objective-C and Cocoa Touch fundamentals like memory management, protocols and delegates, properties and categories.

A lot of people are like, woah, this is a recession, I'm broke. But if you're headed to Future Ruby in the first place, you're not that broke. Also: keep in mind that it's during a recession that competitive advantages become more crucial, because people are competing harder; and that training becomes a bigger advantage, because less people are taking risks of any kind - even intelligent, calculated risks like getting the best training out there in the hottest new field of development which currently exists.

The Pragmatic Studio's iPhone class costs $2195. This class usually runs $1200 - and the special price for the Future Ruby edition is only $699. Seriously, you should go to this class. I've seen Dan speak and he's very good. Sign up and join me there.