Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Rails Code Quality Checklist Here

I mentioned on Twitter using a Rails code quality checklist to screen companies, and have since gotten tons and tons of requests for the checklist, all of which I have answered. I don't get how so many people see the tweets about the checklist, yet so few see the tweets indicating where to find it.


Sometimes I miss the <blink> tag.

For the record, I'm not calling it perfect. I say this to stave off the inevitable minor disagreements with item number 7, section b, 12th paragraph. This is like that FizzBuzz whatnot - it's not perfect for inspecting your own code to see if Giles Bowkett likes it or not. It's not even good for that. What it is good for is asking questions about a company's development philosophy. It covers a lot of ground.

However, what it is not great for, or at least not as great as it could be, is getting companies to answer. I've used it on three companies so far. Only one has simply answered via e-mail as requested. Two out of three have dodged the question by asking if they could call me. Apparently, people think that if they call me, I'm not going to just bring the checklist up on my screen and read all the questions to them.

Update: I brought the checklist up on my screen and read all the questions to them. They were surprised.