Sunday, January 3, 2010

How To Do Your Laundry

I made a video explaining how to do your laundry. I was wearing a Hashrocket t-shirt. This is because I am a huge fan of Hashrocket. Also because I had just woken up and I use conference t-shirts for pajamas and for working out.

In this video I explain my amazing system for doing my laundry. Also for some insane reason I refer to my cleaners as "a place that does free laundry." By "free laundry" I mean "you drop the laundry off and pick it up a week later, and you don't have to do anything but give them money." I have to admit this is a pretty unusual definition of "free." However, I had just woken up. (Also, they usually have it ready a few days later, but I prefer to just pick up at the same time I drop off.)

Despite the total inanity of this video, I think it might be useful to some of my viewers, especially the young, single programmers fresh out of my college, many of whom seem to need to learn about laundry.

More information about the sysadmin time management book here. And yes, I really did need to read a book on time management, optimized for programmers and sysadmins, in order to figure out that I should do my laundry once per week.

Seriously, though, you do it on a regular schedule in a way that requires minimal effort and mostly consists of paying somebody else to do it - this is actually a great way to do almost anything.