Saturday, February 6, 2010

Fan Fiction: Alternate Transformers Origin

This beast comes from Cybertron's Paleolithic era.

It's also an art piece by Theo Jansen. That's not a coincidence. All the classic elements of the Transformers story are in place, except for one very important difference: the Autobots and Decepticons are not enemies when the Ark crash-lands on Earth. They're different tribes, but not yet enemies. (And obviously, each tribe has sub-tribes.)

In this alternate version, the Transformers discover that they haven't travelled in space, but in time. Earth sees a Cambrian explosion in pre-living robotics in the very near future. A hybrid world of robots and living creatures persists for some time. Eventually, robots replace all their living counterparts, become alive, and Earth becomes Cybertron.

It takes the Transformers years to discover this, and during those years, a rift develops between the pacifist Autobots and the more warlike, predatory Decepticons. But the gradual divide turns into a sharp split when the scientists Jetfire (a Decepticon) and Perceptor (an Autobot) uncover definitive evidence that Earth is in fact Cybertron. (Which explains the otherwise extraordinarily bizarre coincidence that Transformers usually look like people, when in robot form.)

The Decepticons take the attitude that they can wipe out any and all organic life, and/or pre-living machines, since it's their planet anyway. The Autobots are the tree-hugging hippies in this scenario. Things go downhill from there.