Thursday, May 13, 2010

Internet Marketing For Alpha Geeks: Re-Release, With Bonus Video

Update: this product is going off the market. Stay tuned for something bigger and badder!

I'm re-releasing my video Internet Marketing For Alpha Geeks. It costs $197; in addition to the original, hour-and-a-half long video, you also receive a two-hour bonus video. The bonus video includes a few minutes of recap, telling the story of marketing and selling Internet Marketing For Alpha Geeks itself, but I spend the majority of the two-hour video answering questions from the customers who bought during the first run.

Three and a half hours of how I do internet marketing and what I've learned about it so far.

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By the way, if you don't like the video, I have a simple refund policy: No questions asked. Any reason works. I will literally give you a refund because you stubbed your toe or your cat farted. I do not care; if a customer asks for a refund, the customer gets the refund (with the caveat that it may not be instant, depending on my schedule). Your trust is worth way more to me than $197.