Monday, May 17, 2010

New Age Advice From A Tea Party Republican

I don't know if Dan Kennedy is a true Tea Party Republican, but he's damn close. He praises Rush Limbaugh and calls Obama a socialist without a shred of irony. I think his politics are crazy, but I respect him as a businessman, a writer, and a marketer - and I got some advice from him that sounds more like something you'd see in The Secret.

The advice was in one of Kennedy's books. I can't remember which one, because I've read all of them, but if I have to guess, I'll say it's No BS Wealth Attraction For Entrepreneurs. I soon saw it repeated in a few other places, including Yanik Silver's blog. I have absolutely no proof that it works, it's like entrepreneur astrology, but so far, so good - the anecdotal evidence that it works came from millionaries and since putting this advice in action, I've gone from working for The Man to working from home in my pajamas, and many days not working at all.

Want the advice?

I'll give you a hint.

from penny arcade

The advice is to give stuff away. First, look around your home, find some clutter you don't need, and take it to Goodwill. I do this every week.

Second, open a separate checking account for charitable donations - anything, including political causes, art projects, open source experiments, traditional charities, and homeless people on the street begging for change. (Give one of these guys a $20 some time, or buy them a huge meal at Taco Bell or whatever. Nothing else you can buy for the same money will have the same effect on your day.)

Keep this separate checking account stocked with some small percentage of your income and give it away on a regular basis. Then get on with whatever else you're doing to make money. Give it some time; it works.