Tuesday, May 11, 2010

New Videos Coming

Tomorrow I'm hoping to release two videos - one new, the other a re-release. The re-release is Internet Marketing For Alpha Geeks; the new video is about resumés and shows you to create a great one. It may also include a worksheet guiding you through the process.

I may only keep the videos on sale for a brief time period; it appears to boost sales. It also has another useful benefit: I may be able to use it, for example, in the case of the resumés video, to sell individual consulting and resumé re-writing services. Not the most fascinating work in the world, but I can do it, I can do it well, it's good karma, and it'll tell me how I can make the video better, should I choose to re-release it later on.

I also noticed something interesting when I released my last video, which was that some people wanted to buy it just because they were fans of my blog and wanted to support what I was doing. That's awesome! I decided to create something for that, which is almost ready, and which I hope to blog here soon.