Thursday, June 10, 2010

New Video On Programmer Resumes

I made a new video on programmer resumes. It's pretty awesome.

Grant Austin said:

The resume and cover letter advice you gave me landed me a job using technology I care about in a place with a great open source community, making 30% more money, and an extra week of vacation.

In less than two weeks I leave my State government job behind, dive into the Rails community full-time, and get paid for it. I couldn't be more excited.

That's a quote from a customer who was in my coaching program. I took everything I taught him in the coaching program and turned it into my resumes video.

Josh Black watched the resumes video, and said:

Ok so I just finished watching your video and reading your pdf on cover letters.

I learned a lot, laughed a lot...The pdf on cover letters was also great. Cover letters have always been a complete mystery to me, and it was nice to have a simple formula to follow, again with an example...

All in all, the whole package was fantastic. It's easily worth $97.

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