Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Only Thing I Truly Dislike About America

I'm a first-generation American. On the whole, I'm happy to be here; glad my parents came here from their home country. I love the entrepreneurialism and the wide, giant streets. I even like the religious wackos. After all, America started as the loony bin where Europe sent all its crazy cultists, and it's not really a big surprise how many of them got even crazier from hanging around each other. But there's one thing about America that just makes me sick: having to explain this.

This is not a bee:

It is a wasp. This is a bee:

Wasps are aggressive, cruel, predatory, and moronic. Bees are gentle creatures who manufacture honey and communicate with each other by dancing. Humanity lived in peace with bees for thousands of years, developing long traditions of beekeeping and countless recipes around honey, before America ever existed as a nation.

This is a child unafraid of bees, and hundreds of bees who have done the child no harm.