Friday, June 4, 2010

They Don't Teach You Italics At Princeton

Michael Harrison misquotes me:

Bullshit, Giles

So, back to Giles. Here’s one passage that made me see red:

The valuable things people take away from college are interactions with great minds (usually professors who actually teach and actually care) and non-class activities that shape them as people.

I’m going to use some of Giles’ own close reading attack techniques against him.

How I wish somebody would use my close reading techniques against me! Or indeed for any purpose at all. But this is the most offensive shit I've seen in a while. I would NEVER use three adverbs in the same parenthetical clause, or an awkward phrase like "non-class activities."

The text above does appear in the post Harrison's attacking, but as a quote from Seth Godin. It appears in italics, with the words "Godin continues" before the italics begin. I might be splitting hairs here, but I wasn't the one who called this a war of close reading.

Princeton 0, Giles 1.