Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Time Management For Alpha Geeks: Coming Soon

Update: Sorry, sold out!

Update: Now on sale!

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It's kind of hard to miss, but I've been releasing free 20-minute videos on productivity and time management. Later tonight I'll be selling a video on time management which is freaking awesome. The free videos operate as the first three lessons in a mini-course; the video for sale wraps them up, answers the questions they raise, and provides a lot more awesomeness. But each free video contains awesome, useful content too; gotten lots of good feedback on them.

The video for sale will only be available for a few days, until Friday, so you might want to grab it the moment it becomes available. I did this with my internet marketing video, and when I eventually brought it back on the market, it came back at twice the price.

Stay tuned!