Friday, July 16, 2010

Two Profound Transformations In 2009

A lot of people know that in 2009, after having heart surgery, I became a vegan, lost 75+ pounds, and saw massive improvements in my cholesterol and blood pressure, and that I've continued eating only healthy food since then.

What a lot of people don't realize is that was only one of two transformations I experienced last year.

The other: I became organized. I know plenty of people who would be astonished to see me selling a video on time management, but those same people would be astonished to see me, period, because I don't look like I used to. A month or two ago I hit my low of 173 pounds, where last year I had weighed 255; that's less than I weighed in high school. I've lost the weight of a pre-teen child, or a very petite woman, or a Backstreet Boy.

Anyway, this is what makes my time management video awesome. Most such materials show organized people how to be more organized. But in 2009, I was disorganized, and I had been all my life. My home was a mess, with papers piled everywhere. My life was filled with incomplete projects and half-finished ideas. I'm not perfect, but the difference is night and day. I do my laundry every week now, for instance; in 2009 I didn't do my laundry every month. I was more likely to buy new clothes than I was to do my laundry.

Most people who think of themselves as disorganized imagine that they're doomed to be that way their whole lives. I thought so; I thought I was doomed to be fat my whole life, too. I thought it was in my genes. To my knowledge, this is the only time management system extracted from the real-life experience of a person who went from completely disorganized to highly organized in the space of a year.

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