Friday, August 20, 2010

Internet Marketing Video, Version 2

In December 2009, I announced that I would launch a new mini-business every month of 2010. This didn't quite happen; instead, every month, I've launched either a new mini-business or a product (and more usually it was a product). I had anticipated lots of ridiculous tiny web businesses, like Zachary Burt's inane but apparently profitable AwesomenessReminders. Instead, I went first for the easiest money possible: Internet/information marketing. The Ruby community is packed with people selling great information products, from the PeepCode juggernaut to Amy Hoy and Thomas Fuchs's JavaScript Performance Rocks!, to screencasts and ebooks from myself, Marc-André Cournoyer, the RailsEnvy guys, the Pragmatic Programmers, Ben Orenstein, Antonio Cagiano, and others. I quickly found it very easy to make money with a programmer career coaching program and video sales on a wide range of topics.

Speaking of these videos, a few months back, I put out a video called Internet Marketing For Alpha Geeks. A lot of people told me they liked the video and learned from it, which I'm very happy to say always happens with my videos; however, some people told me the opposite, which had never happened before. This was the only video I've ever created which ever got negative feedback, and not only that, but also the only video which ever got refund requests (2, if I remember right; maybe even 3).

This was obviously unacceptable. If you put out a bunch of videos, and people praise them, and you put out one which generates negative feedback for the first time ever, you want to fix that. So I decided to create a new, better version, and I'm releasing that new, better version today.

To create the new version, I looked at the feedback from the old version. People wanted to know actionable specifics which they could use to make money online right away. They didn't like the focus on broad principles in the original video; they wanted to get something built and have money coming in as quick as possible. So the new version includes an overview of running affiliate ads for Amazon, iTunes, and Clickbank; a detailed report on how to run Google Ads; a business/lead-generation model very popular in the information marketing world, but which I haven't tested yet; an illustration of how complex and systematic e-mail and information marketing can get; plus the thing I think will be most popular: detailed information on how to sell screencasts on your blog, including nuts-and-bolts info about how to put the screencasts together in the first place.

To support this last piece of information, I'm also including a free video I shot last week, called Simplified Product Launches For Lazy Bloggers, which explains a simple way to sell screencasts online, as well as a 20-minute excerpt on presentations from my programmer careers video, How To Get A Kickass Job, Making Six Figures Working (From Home) With The Stars Of Your Community, Even If You Just Got So Fired That The Cops Hauled You Out Of The Building In Handcuffs. Many viewers of this "Handcuffs" video told me this section on giving presentations was their favorite, and until today, you could only get this section by buying the $97 "Handcuffs" video. I go into repetition, visuals, holding the attention of your audience - including some of the relevant neuroscience of attention - and even the basics of how to use typography to establish a visual rhythm (and why doing so yields better comprehension and engagement for your viewers).

I'm also including the original Internet Marketing For Alpha Geeks as a bonus, which is an hour and a half of the broad principles behind Internet and/or information marketing, paired with a two-hour Q&A video where I answer questions from buyers of the original video. It's worth reiterating that although this video was indeed the only video I ever created with generated refund requests, it also generated a lot of praise - a lot of people liked this video and found it useful.

Also, I recently put this sub-package - the original Internet Marketing For Alpha Geeks, plus its followup - on sale, at a massive discount, only last week. If you bought this package at this epic 75% discount in the past few days, I'm also going to offer a discount on the new version; e-mail me for the details. (Give me a day or two on that, however; got a busy schedule and some WiFi issues at the moment.)

I also created two promo videos to lead up to this video's release; you also get those two promos, along with PDFs for the slides in each of them, and a PDF of all the slides in the new version 2 Internet marketing video. Basically, I'm determined to make sure that when you buy this, you become absolutely thrilled with it. To accomplish that, I made the video as specific as possible, packed it with details, and added a ton of bonuses. I'm also using a no-questions-asked refund policy; if you're displeased in any way or for any reason, all you have to do is ask. You can literally demand a refund because your cat farted. (I make no assertions that your cat will not in fact fart, I'm just saying that you have that much lattitude.)

This video (and its entire package of bonuses) will be priced at $197 after Monday, but is on sale at $97 until then.

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Your typical results are impossible to predict, and could involve not making a single dime, but could range between no money at all, to small Amazon profits for minimal effort, to hundreds or even thousands. Ruby programmer Marc-André Cournoyer's made thousands with his ebook on creating your own programming language; another Ruby programmer, Ben Orenstein, made at least $1300 in revenue with his screencasts; and more prominent Ruby info marketers have made more. I myself usually make $4K to $5K when I sell a screencast from my blog. If you spend $97 to find out how to do this, and turn it into $1300 or $5K, that's a well-spent $97.

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