Friday, August 13, 2010

Secrets Of Superstar Programmer Productivity: Planning

You're going to want to hit the "full screen" button on this one.

I created this video to promote Time Management For Alpha Geeks, my hourlong video on time management, which I initially promoted with three free videos. Time Management For Alpha Geeks is really the last video in a four-video time management course, with the first three videos (and now this fifth bonus video) being free. You can check out the other free videos here, and you should buy Time Management For Alpha Geeks, because it's great.

Ask yourself how much more money you can make when you become more productive. If my productivity training saves you time, how much is your time worth? How much more can your time be worth as you begin to use it more effectively? Time Management For Alpha Geeks costs $97, and if you translate that into hours - by taking your hourly rate or your salary and doing a little math - you'll realize it's a terrific price.

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