Wednesday, September 15, 2010

How I Lost 75+ Pounds In 6 Months With Not Much Exercise: My Unofficial Eat To Live Study Guide

I've created a new video about how I lost over 75 pounds in six months, and kept it off another six, without exercising much or counting calories at all.

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It includes, for convenience, download versions of Eating Intelligently: Evolution and Eating Intelligently: Nutrition, my recent free videos on healthy weight loss, as well as a few relevant blog posts in PDF format (again for convenience).

The video describes how I lost all that weight. The short answer is easy. I implemented the plan in this terrific book:

This video is an unauthorized accompaniment to the book. In the video I explain how I handled all the fuss and muss of transforming your diet completely and changing the way you live.

I've shown a lot of people this book, and many of them have gone on to lose weight damn near immediately. (You can read more about that, including a description of typical results, at this longer blog post I wrote about it previously.) But others have seen terrific results but been unable to stay on course, and gone back to eating Doritos and getting fat, while others have struggled with the details of it - how do I start eating well, where do I start, how do I set up myself for success rather than failure as I make a major change in how I live my life?

This video explains the answers I found, and some answers you might be able to use as well. It's not a self-contained product; you should also buy Dr. Fuhrman's book Eat To Live, pictured above. I am not a doctor or a nutritionist and cannot give you medical advice, but Dr. Fuhrman is, and does. What I explain in the video is how I put that to use, what I learned, how I understand it, pitfalls to watch out for, and hacks I discovered to make it easier.

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Just to be clear! This is not an official or authorized product. Dr. Fuhrman has not endorsed this product, or in fact even been told it exists, come to think of it, and I have no affiliation with Dr. Fuhrman on a business level, except for being a member of his affiliate program. This is my own commentary on Dr. Fuhrman's work, representing my own opinion, and should not be considered medical advice or a claim to any ownership of the Eat To Live concept or brand. Also, if you're a born-again Christian, there's a section where I look at one of your culture's quirks from the outside, and tell people they should emulate this aspect of your culture; depending on your level of sensitivity, you may find it offensive, or complimentary, and you may even find it both offensive and complimentary. Just want to say, I mean no harm.