Thursday, September 9, 2010

Hypnosis/Visualization MP3

I've created a new product. It's a 40-minute hypnosis mp3. The induction portion is similar to my last hypnosis product, but better - less distracting effects, and a cleaner delivery. The induction in a hypnosis mp3, however, is just the part that puts you in a hypnotic state. The real benefit with this mp3 is the process you experience after entering the hypnotic state.

This is a streamlined and enhanced version of a visualization technique I've been using since 2006. I've been doing it every single day since late May, and I've had several previous stretches where I was using it every single day as well. Because of my calendar system, I could actually count them up and tell you exactly how many days I've used it since October 2009, but let's just say it's quite a few.

Before my string of successful conference presentations, I used this technique to picture delivering wildly successful conference presentations. Before developing Archaeopteryx, I used this technique to picture developing Archaeopteryx. Before losing 80+ pounds in six months, I used this technique to picture losing 80 pounds. You may spot a theme.

I start everything with visualization; I learned that from Linus Torvalds and BB King, among many others. When I first did Rails consulting in 2006, I started with some visualizations, using this technique; when I first decided I would sell videos on the Web, I started with this technique; before all my best performances in acting classes, I used the technique to visualize a successful performance; etc., etc., etc.

Long story short, I'm pretty happy with this technique, I recommend it whole-heartedly, and I think this is probably the best bang for the buck out of anything I've ever sold.

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The way you use it is you download it, you put on headphones, and you listen to it. It's pretty straightforward. However, because it's a visualization mp3, you'll also want to collect some reference material. For instance, although I've just given you examples of visualizations I did with this technique which then came true, one visualization I do with this technique which has not yet come true is flying my own helicopter. I just really want to own and fly a helicopter. I don't even know (or care) why.

Anyway, to visualize this, I start with a picture of a helicopter's cockpit.

The goal is to be able to see, in my mind's eye, exactly what I will see when I get my helicopter and fly it. This picture is imperfect, because it was probably taken by a woman and certainly taken by a person wearing nail polish, whereas I, on the day I fly my helicopter, am more likely to be wearing shoes of some kind. But it's still pretty good. It shows me what the inside of the helicopter looks like, and this allows me to make my visualizations specific and accurate. I can imagine myself in the pilot seat and not only can I see in my mind's eye exactly what I would see if I were flying this helicopter, I can compare what's in my mind's eye with the picture, and work to improve my visualization in every detail.

To explain, briefly, this visualization technique exploits a very powerful and handy loophole in the way the mind works. The subconscious mind is much more powerful than the conscious mind. If you summon all your conscious willpower with the aim of following the instruction, "Don't think of a pink polar bear," your subconscious will instantly respond with the thought of a pink polar bear, and your conscious willpower will have no effect on that at all. Every person who's ever tried to break a bad habit knows how powerful the subconscious can be, and how much more powerful than the conscious mind.

However, here's the loophole: the subconscious mind does not possess any mechanism to distinguish between fantasy and reality. That distinction belongs to the conscious mind. Massive, hand-waving oversimplification time: hypnosis bypasses the elements of your mind which make those distinctions and allows you to present anything to the subconscious as reality. Because your subconscious is essentially an always-on pattern-matching machine, whatever it perceives as reality, it will draw into your life like a magnet.

The typical hypnotist exploits this by giving you words after bypassing the conscious mind. This visualization technique trains you instead to put "realities" in your subconscious mind which are much, much more specific. For instance, instead of "you are going to lose weight," you experience having lost the weight, and you also experience the exercise necessary, and/or the new way of eating, and/or the research you'll do to determine the best way for you to lose weight (anyone who reads this blog knows I have firm opinions about that, but that's another topic). Instead of "you will attract wealth," you actually experience flying your own helicopter as if it were real.

The subconscious mind responds extremely well to repetition. If you go into hypnosis every day and visualize the futures you want to create as if they were real, you will very probably begin to experience them. I do this every day, and I have changed my life a great deal as a result. It used to amaze me every time and now I'm starting to get used to it.

When you first start using this mp3, choose one very important goal to focus on. Start with just one thing, and something relatively easy. It's important to establish a firm foundation before building wild and ambitious towers. Listen to the mp3 every day, and once you begin to see good results with your main goal, you might then consider branching out into other goals as well.

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Price is $29 for now, but may go up later on.