Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Selling A Video On My Blog About How To Sell Videos On Your Blog

This is silly, I know. However, it's probably also quite useful. Lots of people have asked me about this, and I ended up putting material about this in my last video on internet marketing, as well as creating a nice, 20-minute freebie video. This new product has three parts, all extracted from earlier videos:

An excerpt from my Handcuffs video on how to make a great presentation, which many people told me was their favorite part of that video;

the freebie video, included as a download for convenience, which explains how to set these things up to sell well;

plus the segment of my internet marketing video which deals with screencasting (including a simple introduction to ScreenFlow and e-mail marketing).

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I've done the math, and my screencasts have made me around $20,000 this year so far. It's not much of a yearly income, to say the least, but it's part of several streams of income, and it doesn't actually require quitting your job, not by any stretch of the imagination. I recommend that part for extra fun, but only if you're prepared to also face extra stress and shoulder extra responsibility. My initial plan for 2010 was to work full-time and explore information marketing.

Anyway, it's a nice little package, and although I might raise the price later, for now it's way lower than my usual price ($97). This set of three videos costs only $63. Also, one of those videos is only included as a convenience, because it's free; you're really paying for the two paid-only videos, on how to make a terrific, compelling presentation, and how to record it, host it, and sell it.

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