Saturday, October 2, 2010

Amazing Interactive Multimedia Epic Which Balances On The Edge Of Logic And Madness Like The Guy From "Man On A Wire" Balancing On His Tightrope

It's kind of like LOST meets Lost Pig (And Place Under Ground), with a strong dose of Scott Pilgrim and overwhelming amounts of internets. It began on April 13, 2009 and seems to have seen updates daily ever since. The map gives you some sense of its insane, epic scale. As noted on Reddit, its author is the only webcomic creator who apologizes for updating too often.

I hope Scott McCloud sees this, because I've never seen anything embrace the potential of interactive storytelling like this does. It's half comic, half movie, and half video game, and more than half crazy. In LOST the narrative rides an edge of explaining stuff you saw earlier vs. raising new questions; this webcomic/game/cartoon does the same thing amazingly well, and for an incredibly long time, almost like an opera singer lengthening a high note just to show off their breath control.

Start here.