Tuesday, October 12, 2010

(Node) Miniapp: Minimal GitHub Dashboard

(Update: this is dead now, due to API changes. Fun experiment though.)

After watching a great little screencast, I wanted to experiment with Node.js, so I used it to build a minimal GitHub dashboard.

I get distracted easily, so I've wanted (for probably a year at least) to be able to get a page that only shows me my personal GitHub repos, not counting other people's repos I'm also a member of, or forks of other people's projects. That's what this does, and it works for any valid GitHub username. The url looks like this:


If you want to see a different user's personal original repos, all you have to do is substitute their username. I suppose it's a bit antisocial, but it's also very streamlined and convenient. More social features are on the roadmap, theoretically, although in practice I usually just build stuff and move on. Patches welcome; please do investigate. The code is on GitHub, of course, and in addition to Node.js, also uses a nice REST client library called Restler, for the awesome GitHub API, and a lovely haml-esque templating language called Jade.