Friday, November 26, 2010

A Brief Word Of Gratitude

Very seasonal: big thanks to James Golick and John Baku for really making me think; to Paul Dix for making me take my startup ideas more seriously; to Courtenay Gasking for being a very accomodating boss (a year or so ago) and giving me the opportunity to work with (and thereby learn from) amazing programmers like Rick Olson, Kyle Neath, Jeremy McAnally, Trevor Squires, Courtenay himself, and several others; to Frank Wimberly for helping me understand statistical AI; to my customers and coaching clients for all the business over the past year; to everyone who's bought anything through an affiliate link on my site; to all my readers and Twitter followers; to my awesome landlords for hooking me up with such a fantastic apartment; to my acting teachers for teaching me so crazy much, especially Jen Krater and Larry Drake; to Evan Phoenix and Shane Becker for; to Coby Randquist, Alf Mikula, and many many others for LA Ruby; to everyone who's had me speak at their awesome conferences; to Pete Forde, for special secret favors (ooh la la); to you for reading this; and to so many other people that I can't remember at the moment, my bad for that.