Monday, November 1, 2010

Having Something In Common With Rush Limbaugh Makes Me Feel Soiled

I'm reading a neat book called The Millionaire Next Door, about how the majority of American millionaires and multi-millionaires live modest lives almost utterly devoid of bling, and I have to say, I'm really glad I bought it on Amazon, because it's a very interesting book, but if I had seen it in a store, I never would have bought it. This is because the cover features an admiring quote from Rush Limbaugh. What kind of idiot wants to read a book about self-discipline and personal responsibility which is endorsed by an obese drug addict? What's next, How To Get Into Harvard, written by Sarah Palin?

Anyway, despite the obvious insanity of whoever is marketing this thing, or perhaps the obvious insanity of the world it's being marketed in, the book is worth a read. And if an obese drug addict can endorse a book about self-discipline and personal responsibility, why can't a painfully recently-failed entrepreneur with no cash endorse a book about multi-millionaires? Seriously, it's well-researched, it documents something counter-intuitive, and it gives insights into how to get rich. All interesting places to start.