Monday, January 17, 2011

No New Languages In 2011; Nothing New At All

You might expect me to launch a new monthly project system for 2011 like I did for 2010 and 2009. Not in the cards. I've started so many things in recent years that I'm going to spend 2011 developing good ideas I've left unfinished.

I'll very probably resume working on Archaeopteryx, and advance it in some significant and interesting ways. I'll continue working on Twitter Newspaper and my automated refactoring code (working title Epic Towelie, but expect a better name before it goes live). I'll continue my acting classes, and expand my efforts both in developing my skills and in marketing myself as an actor. Expect to see professional work in that field soon.

I'll take one of my favorite, under-rated blog posts from years ago and develop it more fully with the new Robot Warriors Will Destroy America blog (currently tiny and barely developed at all). I'll continue working on my health, with a new goal of 150 pounds and 9% BMI (I've got a long way to go before I hit that target). I'll probably bring back the @djgoatboy daily mp3 Twitter account, continue developing my skills in hypnosis (I'm professionally trained), and, later this year, get back into information marketing.

I'm also creating music for PeepCode screencasts, possibly writing a book for a print publisher, and possibly further developing a YouTube music/entrepreneurialism experiment from last year. That experiment never went live, so nobody's seen it, but it began as part of 2010's business-a-month project. Likewise, the print publisher got in touch with me last year, and you can already hear music I've made in several PeepCodes.

I've started so much over the past several years that if I were to finish up any one of these ideas the results would be wild and awesome. I'm planning to finish them all. I'm also expecting it to take me a while.

And I lied. There is one new thing. I'm going to be blogging about my sex life, and no, I'm not giving out the URL. My parents read this blog, and even if that weren't the case, some things require a certain level of privacy, and there's actually terrific privacy in anonymity. But even that is in many ways a return to past projects. I used to spend a lot more time chasing girls than I do these days, and I'm looking forward to reinstating that project.