Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Quick Note: December's Micro-Biz

If you've been following my monthly mini-biz program for 2010, and you spotted the gap in December, it's not because I didn't set anything up; it's because what I set up was a mess. I'll probably put it online for the sake of documentation and the fun of it, but it'll cost about $40, while netting me in all likelihood nada. I did learn something from it, though, so if I do put it online at some point, I'll blog it as well. Pardon my being so cryptic, but I spent most of the weekend in a Nyquil coma and there's more of that in my immediate future. This morning I had so much Nyquil in my system that I attempted to kill a piece of lint, convinced it was some kind of insect; and then, when I determined I could not kill it, inferred from its invulnerability and casual, serene fearlessness that it was some kind of tiny, immortal god. I then attempted to ask it deep spiritual questions before finally realizing it was in fact inanimate fuzz. Therefore I'm staying silent on 2010's final monthly entrepeneurial experiment until I have time to make sense.