Monday, January 17, 2011

Speaking at LA Hacker News Meetup and LA RubyConf

The meetup:

A Year Of Entrepreneurial Experiments

In 2009 I created a miniapp every month (in actuality only several months). In 2010 I launched a minibusiness every month (in actuality only several products and a few minibusinesses). When I began at the end of 2008, my plan was to combine the two in 2011, by launching a serious tech startup or two, and that's one of the things I'll be doing this year. But I had interesting surprises along the way that made me question the whole idea of using tech to make money at all, when I discovered the existence of simpler and probably superior ways of achieving wealth, security, and similar goals. I'll talk about my successes, my failures, and why Hacker News brought tons of traffic to my blog - until the year I actually began making money as an entrepreneur.

The conf:

Easy Node.js Web Apps With Lisp

Lisp is a programming language which allows you to manipulate its abstract syntax tree directly. The popular quote about every other language being a partial implementation of Lisp is not just snark; all programming languages use an abstract syntax tree, so Lisp is literally and mathematically either equal to, or a superset of, every other programming language. However, if you've wanted to build anything actually useful with Lisp, you've historically been in the position of having no vibrant, powerful open source community to draw on. Not many people enjoyed this tradeoff, but fortunately, it is no longer the case. Sibilant is a Lisp written on top of Node.js, a new server-side JavaScript library for writing servers. Node has an active open source community, and it runs on the lightning-fast V8 JavaScript interpreter (written and supported by Google). Thanks to V8, Node, and Sibilant, it is now trivially easy to write web servers, command-line utilities, and applications (server-side, client-side, or both) in a fast, well-supported Lisp. This talk will show you how.