Thursday, April 7, 2011

Hypnosis Maybe...

Last night I wrote this blog post:

The Inevitable Continues To Surprise On Hacker News

Over the past few months a few things have become extremely clear to me: web technologies are exploding and the capabilities for software on the web is soon to meet that of desktop software if innovation continues along this path.

The technologies in question make this an interesting post, but it's kind of pathetic to read this simple insight delivered as an astonishing revelation when it was established wisdom online as early as 1995. How in the fucking hell else do you explain the browser wars? Why else would Microsoft think the browser was something which could affect its business interests? Why else would Google have created Google Documents?

I decided not to post it, instead putting it as a comment on the kid's blog, where, not surprisingly, it sits unpublished, awaiting moderation, and presumably will do so forever.

I write with furious contempt pretty much every time I bother to read anything on Hacker News these days. The economically inevitable decline in quality hit, and it hit hard. That's easy to understand. What's harder to understand is why I was reading Hacker News in the first place.

I needed to get about 10 hours of work done yesterday; instead I had one of the most epic self-indulgence days ever. None of the work I had to do was hard, and some of it looked quite enjoyable. But I didn't do it. I played video games all day, I was on Twitter and Hacker News - both of which are sites I've been on much less than usual recently - and the weirdest part is I only noticed it was happening a few times. It's as if I went into these little trances and found myself procrastinating for hours.

It's very much as if that happened, in fact, because that is exactly what happened. I listen to hypnosis mp3s daily, partly for the health benefits, and partly for the hypnosis itself. Recently I've been listening to an mp3 about increasing self-discipline. Most of the time, when you're hypnotized, you're not conscious, almost by definition, so I haven't actually analyzed the content, but I bought it because most of the other mp3s from the same source are pretty good.

Unfortunately, I can only say "pretty good" there, because I'm actually a very thoroughly trained hypnotist myself, and I've noticed them doing a few counterproductive things in some other mp3s. So I gave this self-discipline mp3 a closer listen. The reasons are technical, but I believe this self-discipline mp3 is doing a number of seriously counter-productive things and actually resulted in me spending significantly more time goofing off than usual.

I've been thinking about setting up a side business in hypnosis and creating mp3s with a higher standard of quality. This experience is pushing me in that direction, just because it's making me think I'll need to record my own mp3 on self-discipline anyway. I put out a couple little hypnosis products last year, and got some good feedback. However, I'm undecided for now, and working on a lot of other stuff, so if it happens, expect a pretty modest little side business at most. I actually created the first draft of another hypnosis product recently, for similar reasons - there was nothing good enough on the market - but I haven't yet turned that first draft into its second draft, let alone a finished product.

All I'm saying here, basically, is stay tuned.