Friday, April 1, 2011

My Policy On Drunk E-Mails

I'm putting this on my blog so I can refer people to it whenever necessary.

I write so much that a blogger not only once used statistical analysis of my writing to "prove" that I could not be human, he also came all they from Maine to LA Ruby to see me with his own two eyes. I write so much I have encountered diagnoses/accusations of graphomania. Consequently, I cannot remember everything I have written.

Meanwhile, as a computer geek, I know how easy it is to fake an e-mail from somebody to somebody else. I myself, in the early/mid 90s days when e-mail was a new trend, hand-coded SMTP and TCP to send my friends e-mail using as the from address.

Last but not least, Giles + Alcohol is a slightly different dude than Giles, and I can't endorse everything that other guy says or does.

Consequently, I take absolutely no responsibility for any e-mails written drunk. If I hear I've written an e-mail while drunk, or encounter something badly spelled and/or rambling and/or insane which someone claims I have written, I consider myself innocent until proven guilty. In extreme cases, I consider myself innocent until proven guilty, even when I know I'm guilty.

Now you know.