Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Programmer Resumes Video: Fantastic Testimonial

Giles - had to shoot you an email because your resume video helped me in a big, big way. I recently landed a dream Ruby job (with an amazing startup) as a direct result of what you taught me in your video. I doubt my old resume would have even made it past the screener.

Before your video, I blasted my resume out everywhere and it was ignored with great vigor - in spite of my strong skill set. (Your skills don't mean jack if you can't get people to read your resume.)

Of course, I was doing it the way we're all taught: just list your jobs and education, then sprinkle some "power verbs" on top. FAIL.

As I discovered, there is only one "insider's way" to do a tech resume...but lots of so-very-wrong noob ways that don't work. All the stuff you read in books is outdated or wrong for our industry. I know because I wasted a lot of time with them.

Once I learned the "what goes first / what goes last" in your resume video, the door really blew open for me. Same skills, one little tweak and everything changed. Now instead of me doing all the chasing...now I'm the one pursued. (I joke with my wife that sending out my new resume is "chumming the water".) Soooo sweet to get responses back within the hour. And they all say the same thing: "Chris, your resume looks great. When can we get you in to talk?"

Only one criticism: It would be better if you chunked the content into quick chapters, instead of one long video. You covered a lot of ground and it might make it easier to absorb. But that's minor. Point is, your information really works. Not ten years ago, not in theory. It works now.

So, thanks!

Chris Whamond

PS - I was really skeptical when I ordered this video. So if you are someone considering it, think about this: If Giles' video helps launch you into a better career making more money with greater job satisfaction...what's that worth to you over the next year? Or over the next five or ten years? The return on your investment here could be huge.

For sale individually and as part of a bundle.