Saturday, December 3, 2011

Four Books On Drumming

I got four books on drumming which I'm pretty excited about: two on fundamental skills and techniques, two on the specific types of music I'm most interested in. Stick Control seems to be a time-honored classic on snare drum rudiments, and Mastering The Tables Of Time had a terrific review:

the buzz is strong inside drum circles that this book is the "Stick Control" of the future, so I took the plunge and indeed, it was a revelation!

Meanwhile, Jungle/Drum & Bass For The Acoustic Drum Set addresses the specific rhythms of my favorite form of electronic music, and The Breakbeat Bible aims at a comprehensive overview of breakbeats, including hip-hop, soul, drum & bass, acid breaks, and even a chapter on dubstep. Both these books falter a little bit -- one of them calls Goldie "DJ Goldie" and the other calls him "Goldi" -- but both feature transcriptions of real, credible work from people like Caspa, Rusko, PFM and Origin Unknown.