Thursday, February 16, 2012

I Wouldn't Learn Ember In 2012

If this pointless debate continues kerfuffling any further, I may go into technical detail, but for now I want to explain exactly why I think this debate should not even be happening.

First, in the IRC chat log, Ember project lead Yehuda Katz admits to trolling. Actual verbatim quote: "I saw [Backbone creator Jeremy Ashkenas] in the audience and was trolling a bit."

Second, Ember vs Backbone is like Rails vs Sinatra. If a developer can't decide between Rails or Sinatra for an upcoming project, that developer either knows nothing about Rails and Sinatra, or knows nothing about the upcoming project itself. It's apples and oranges.

Third, and more importantly, Backbone vs Ember is like Brad Pitt vs who?

So you've got two utterly dissimilar things being compared. One of them gains credibility among developers just by being compared to the other. The person who made that comparison happen benefits from it. And that same person admitted openly to trolling in a very closely related discussion.

Is this how we all got excited about Rails? Or was it the badass screencasts?

Any project which wants attention that much is going to release some badass screencasts the moment they can.

Until then, don't feed the trolls.