Thursday, February 23, 2012

Making Music With JavaScript Is Easy: Free 35-Minute Video Shows You How

I recently figured out how to use and Node.js to control the speed of a CSS3 animation with a synthesizer:

I also got CoffeeScript playing drums for me with very little effort:

You can do this too.

I've started a new video series called Teaching The Robots To Sing, where I use music hacking to teach new JavaScript web development technologies. The first video in my new series is free, and it's right here. In it, I show you how anyone running OS X can control Garageband with Node.js. It's NSFW, but full of awesome.

You can stream it, in Flash video format:

You can also download it:

episode1.m4v (for iOS, OS X, and Apple TV)

Upcoming episodes will teach command-line TDD in CoffeeScript, building a Backbone app which generates sheet music, and of course the hack where I use a synthesizer to set the speed of a CSS3 animation. (If you don't have a synthesizer, I found a great free MIDI controller which allows you to control the animation with your trackpad instead.)

The web site,, is not live yet, but the second video is already finished. It's shorter and funnier than this one, and it shows you how to get started with excellent TDD in JavaScript.

I'll post that here on my blog for free as well, on Friday afternoon. But after that, if you find that you love this video series, you'll need to sign up to receive the other episodes, and you'll have to sign up sometime this coming weekend, because I'm closing signups late Sunday evening.