Thursday, March 8, 2012

Simple Error, Simple Solution

I recently stumbled across a class on music marketing and experienced an epiphany which will probably strike anybody else as obvious. I have three main interests: acting, music, and code. I'm sometimes frustrated by how much easier it is for me to make money by writing code than by making music or acting.

Part of this, of course, is that acting and music are fields where supply outstrips demand, while programming is a field where demand outweighs supply by a phenomenal margin. But the not-so-shocking revelation I experienced is that I spend huge amounts of time marketing myself as a programmer via conferences and social media. Given the nebulous border between goofing around on Twitter and social media marketing, it's difficult to calculate, but it's probably an utterly gigantic amount of time.

Likewise, I hit Hacker Newspaper much more frequently than Create Digital Music, Motionographer, or Deadline Hollywood, and I share my creations on GitHub but not on SoundCloud and only somewhat on YouTube.

It should be pretty obvious what I'm going to do to change this.