Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sci-Fi Dream: Photoshop Mirrorshades

Had a great dream last night about sunglasses like Google glasses or the shades in Virtual Light. I put them on and they added unnecessary blur to everything, but not like Gaussian blur, much more like the Glow effect in Adobe After Effects. They also intensified various colors and semi-randomly re-colorized various objects. In terms of pure color and visual detail, I think it might be the most vivid dream I ever had.

I actually know exactly why and how this happened. I've been listening to hypnosis mp3s that include suggestions to have extremely vivid, pleasant dreams, and apparently my subconscious interpreted that very, very literally.

It occurred to me that using this dream as the foundation for a film or something would give me a terrific way to integrate really cool special effects without a very painful budget - which oddly reminded me that the first (and worst) screenplay I ever wrote, back when I was 19 or so, was based on this same idea. It was a Bourne-like amnesia thriller about a guy with cyborg eyes who didn't know where they had come from. This took place in a dystopia with near-universal surveillance, and our hero was being pursued by the big bad government, so the big clever moment in the screenplay came when a hacker created code to automatically delete images of our hero, the software virus equivalent of an invisibility cloak, and unleashed that virus into the global network -- at which moment, our hero discovered he had been plugged into the network all along, and discovered this because the hacker disappeared from his own vision. He became "blind" to both his own existence and his friend's.

It was a pretty neat story, actually, although it was also a mind-bogglingly awful screenplay. I take pride in having written that before the Web was a thing, as well as before either Virtual Light or Ghost In The Shell were written.

Anyway, if I ever make another hypnosis mp3, I'm going to make sure to include suggestions like "have vivid dreams" because it's basically a freebie and it's a lot of fun.