Monday, August 20, 2012

Mr Bump (Deeper Remix), And The End Of @djgoatboy

Here's a new track I've created. It's kind of bass-heavy electro house, except when it decides spontaneously to be deep house and/or tech house instead. Genres and subgenres kind of suck. It's 130bpm, in D sharp, and you're supposed to shake your ass. The end.

This is the first track I've put on SoundCloud, but it probably won't be the last. Since 2009, on and off, I've had a thing where I would post a new mp3 to the @djgoatboy Twitter account every day.

Today I threw away my Twitter apps on all platforms. I probably do that once a month, thanks to a combination of Ruby drama and the general productivity drain that comes with using Twitter too often. Whenever it happens, the thing that brings me back to Twitter is the @djgoatboy account. So I've decided to use SoundCloud instead.

Although I'll continue creating mp3s every day, at least in the near future, I'm probably just going to post to SoundCloud whenever a track I'm working on hits a reasonable level of completeness. For now, however, I have at least 10 finished tracks that are going up there.