Friday, September 14, 2012

My Privacy Policy In A Nutshell

First, if I don't want to talk to you, I won't. This is not just my right as a human being, it's actually vigorously protected under California's fantastic anti-stalking laws.

Second, if your writing is not good, I'm much more interested in avoiding the mental pollution of reading it than I am in counteracting the reputation pollution of anything nasty it might be saying about me, or any misrepresentation it might be making about my opinions.

Third, I agree with "Matz Is Nice So We Are Nice," but where I can't hold to that, I will simply be silent.

This is partly due to the lunatic reaction I encountered from the Ruby community several years ago, when I said that somebody was a werewolf, and should therefore be killed. Even as recently as a month ago, people in the Ruby community were interpreting my recommendation of execution literally, while completely ignoring my claim that the individual in question was a supernatural creature.

That is actually a very profound distortion. The difference between "this guy's a vampire and we should put a stake through his heart" and "we should put a stake through his heart" is the difference between Buffy the Vampire Slayer and John Wayne Gacy. That's not even a question of being immune to subtlety; that's a wild degree of misinterpretation, and in the cases of certain specific individuals, I think the misinterpretation may have been deliberate and malicious. It's certainly hard to imagine that anybody too stupid to notice the difference would somehow be smart enough to write Ruby for a living.

I began blogging because I was unknown to the world of programming; this is no longer a problem. My current programming-reputation problems are that I am too widely known, and that many of the things which people believe about me are false, or boring, or both. These problems are much, much less serious than the problem of obscurity which I had previously faced, and because I am busy working on several other projects, they are not important enough for me to fix at this time.

Finally, if you have anything nasty to say about me, please spell my name correctly.