Monday, January 28, 2013

Some Tracks I've Made

Ice Europa: a chillout track. Started it with the intention of creating some weird hybrid LTJ moombahton.

Delphi: ambient drum and bass with traces of Detroit techno.

Earth Tones And Green Smoke: drum and bass. Greasy, funky sound. I came up with the bassline in about 1995 and used it in a hip-hop beat reminiscent of DJ Premier. Serves a different purpose here.

im not a ring on yr fingr: drum and bass. Started as an experiment to see if I could create an entire track in my Moog Slim Phatty synthesizer. Got distracted and started adding samples on top, but the bassline and most of the drums come from the synth.

Shadow: dubstep with a weird dose of My Bloody Valentine and pop.

Telescope: dubstep. Echoes of techno in this one as well.