Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Real Metaprogramming: Experimental Businesses As A Service

Writing code which modifies a running program is all well and good, but what Ruby offers you in that department is piddling and pathetic compared to the opportunities of any real Lisp. I struggled mightily to write tools for (semi-)automated refactoring, for example, while Clojure already has things like kibit.

But even Lisp falls short of the meta-tastic heights of meta (or should that be middles?) you can achieve when you get algorithms to cook up algorithms for you. It's a good way to win at Starcraft and a good way to handle network traffic as well. And with people using algorithms to fuck up stock markets and overprice books, it's only a matter of time before venture capitalists realize that startups don't necessarily have to involve humans at all.

So I'm looking for a technical co-founder. I want to build a system which reduces Y Combinator to a shell script. The recipe is basically HTTP APIs and genetic algorithms, but I'll need somebody to figure out the details. That'll be you. I'm an ideas guy.