Friday, August 9, 2013

Book Sale Countdown (And Secret Project Prelude?)

I'm not only doing my current book sale just to pay the bills and buy cool stuff. In a sense, everyone who does any kind of work is either looking to pay the bills, buy cool stuff, and/or make cool stuff, and it's that third one which is on my mind right now. I have a particular cool thing which I want to build, although in order to build this one particular cool thing, I will actually need to build a variety of other cool things to support it. In fact, to make all this mysterious, unspecified cool stuff, I'll also need to buy some cool stuff.

For instance, I'll have to buy parts and instructions to build one of these robots:

I'm not ready to reveal my specific plans for this robot (or indeed, these robots; the optimal implementation of my plan requires multiple robots). But stay tuned, and in the meantime, did I mention my book sale? It's actually a books and videos sale, the discounts are insane, the products are popular, and it only lasts for a week. It started on Wednesday, so we're already a few days into it.