Tuesday, August 6, 2013

More Praise For My Ember Book

Got this email the other day:

Hi Giles,

I just wanted to say thanks for writing your ember book. I didn't code for years but I learned Ruby on Rails a couple of years ago and now co-run a reasonably successful company building mobile and web apps, mainly to help businesses improve their internal processes.

My business partner started using Ember about 12 months ago and I had real difficulty getting my head around it. Your book massively helped me sort out my (mainly conceptual) difficulties and I'm getting pretty confident with it now. I'm in the process of building an ember app for a printer company you'd definitely have heard of and it's going really well, in large part because of your book.

Have you thought about doing a mobi or epub version of the pdf? I converted it using calibre but it's an arse getting the line breaks to format properly. I tend to read a lot of technical books in bed (once the girlfriend is asleep!) and having an ereader version is always useful.

Thanks again. We really enjoy your blog too.


David Moore - Operations Director
0121 314 3330 // 07500 898 460

Of course I told David I was glad he liked it. And a big thanks back to him for allowing me to publish the email.

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