Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Podcast of ME!

Yay my ego!

Here's the blog, and here's the mp3. (51 minutes.)

It's my presentation from Albuquerque Barcamp, in November, and it starts off with twenty minutes of me summarizing the basic idea, and talking with local Web marketing maven Reid Givens about my career, his career, Object#to_json, marketing, banks in Canada, and the weather in EspaƱola. I also sing the James Bond theme song for some insane reason, and talk a lot about how cool I think I am, which is pretty embarassing to listen to, so I'd advise skipping that part.

The topic of the presentation is basically "Ajax + Flash + Rails = MVC3?" -- as in, "MVC Cubed?" -- the fundamental question being, is the standard MVC implementation in Rails sufficient for very complex Ajax applications? This comes out of working on an app which was fairly involved, and which seemed complicated enough to justify MVC not just in the Rails sense, the Web app sense so popular today, but also in the original GUI sense. MVC was invented along with Smalltalk at Xerox Parc, and it wasn't invented to handle Web apps, it was invented to structure GUIs. So I have this Rails app with a built-in MVC system, with an Ajax front end complex enough to justify MVC for its GUI, and a Flash component complicated enough to justify MVC as well. So, the question is, how do you deal with that? Do you need three different MVC implementations? How could that possibly be DRY?

The funny thing is, it was a much less technical audience than I expected it to be, but people pretty much understood everything I was saying as far as I could tell. So there's a little bit of explaining what MVC is, but hopefully it's still interesting anyway.

So, anyway, hope you check out the podcast, and if you do, hope you like it.

Muchas gracias Reid Givens!

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