Monday, February 5, 2007

Gerald Sussman: Teach Kids Programming

Ramon Leon told me how he went to OOPSLA in 2005 and heard Gerald Sussman (of Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs) speak. The subject was how schools should teach kids programming, because you really know how to do something when you can program a computer to do it.

I wasn't able to find any audio or video of this talk, but here's the synopsis and here's somebody who figured out pretty much the same idea.

On the other hand, there are some compelling arguments that teaching programming may be essentially impossible.


  1. I disagree with the characterization of the last link. It shows that teaching programming is possible, but only to students with a certain aptitude. In their conclusion they said that based on the tests they had done, their educated guess was that in the general population around 40% of students had the necessary aptitude to learn programming well.

    They believed they had come up with a good aptitude test model.

  2. Hey Giles, found a version of the talk, check it out.


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