Sunday, February 25, 2007

It's Official

"IDE vs. text editor" is the new "Mac vs. PC."


  1. This is so stupid. I can't imagine why people are wasting time writing about this stuff.

    Anyway, my take: IDEs can make you a more productive programmer, but they can't make you a better programmer.

  2. What's worse is that people are confusing IDEs with code generation. Good IDEs aren't about code generation, they're about code organization and navigation. The IDE isn't there to save me typing, it's there to help me understand the code better than a text editor can.

    One can have both an awesome terse dynamic language, and a kick ass IDE with colored code, intellisense, awesome code navigation, and more, all at the same time. It's called Smalltalk.

  3. It could be one of those cultural divides where good things happen on either side, but it could just be like the cultural divide between Rubyists and Java programmers, i.e., a rift based on good sense.

    The thread on ruby-lang touched on Smalltalk, and also this:

  4. god, speaking of stupid, Blogger just ate my link. expect a migration (probably to Mephisto) at some point.


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