Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Jay Fields Added As RailsConf Speaker

This would be awesome news, except he's sharing a timeslot with Evan Weaver, so one way or another, I have to miss a presentation by one of my favorite Rails bloggers.

I don't know what I'll decide but I'll share the anguish of the decision-making process. Evan Weaver just released Bleak House, and he's a polymath like me - in addition to Ruby, his bio lists Perl, Python, Java, bioinformatics, writing, and graphic design. Jay Fields works for ThoughtWorks, which is a great company with a very strong link to the guy who wrote Refactoring. Not a great company in the sense that Google is a great company; great in the same way that the GFS or machine learning areas of Google are great. His blog has great stuff about mocks and stubs, which he'll be presenting on, as well as what he calls, appropriately enough, the Presenter pattern.

So here I am. I'm a self-taught hax0r who puts a great deal of value on software architecture. Evan's doing a presentation on how to take Rails apart and use it in weird and unexpected ways. Jay's doing a presentation on how to take a particular piece of Rails apart - redefining ActiveRecord::Base.connection to use Mocha and Stubba to achieve greatly superior testing. And anybody who knows what testing really is, in Rails and Agile software in general - a design tool - knows that when you do this, you design better software.

Aargh! Evan's presentation will probably win on the wild-and-wooly-ness of it all, but aargh all the same.


  1. Yargh! I feel your anguish. These two look like a couple of the most interesting sessions at RailsConf. If it helps any, here's my main decision criterion: Assuming that the sessions will be made available on video to attendees (as they were last year), I'm going to choose the one that has the expected most ineteresting Q&A session. I'm not sure which that is, but it leads more towards Evan's.

  2. You guys should attend Evan's. Then later you can buy me a beer and ask me questions.

    See you in a few weeks.


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