Sunday, May 6, 2007

New Blog: Spec Scripts And Acting Classes

Sometimes my showbiz yadda yadda results in interesting insights for the world of programming. Sometimes, I have showbiz yadda yadda insights that aren't interesting in the context of programming, but I want to post them anyway. I already have two other blogs for random interests, a Blogger one and a Tumblr one, but neither one really works, because my other interests range too widely. It's pretty hard to nail down a demographic that wants to read about robots, sociology, current events, science, motion graphics, advertizing, art, advanced Rails techniques, functional programming, acting schools, and screenwriting. If you think my posts range pretty widely, realize that this blog is my focused blog. My other ones are all over the place. But, my showbiz interests are focused enough to result in a good blog, so I'm putting them in one.

When the yadda yadda results in useful ideas for programmers and people in technology, except them to still show up on this blog as well. If you want to follow it for its own sake, here it is.

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