Thursday, March 6, 2008

Make Your Mac Say "Muppet Balls"

I recently found that the number one search result on Google for "muppet balls" alternates between this blog and my tumblelog. I've read many times that the key to success in marketing is to target a niche and own it. Between this blog and my tumblelog, this is what I've done with "Muppet balls." Having tasted the sweet nectar of market segment domination, I can tell you, it's a worthy endeavor. Yes. Sweet nectar. From balls. Whatever.

Determined to leverage this incredible power, I extracted some useful code from a post on live-coding music with Ruby and set about my plan for world conquest. Behold the terrible power of Invader Giles:

Update: Nicolás Sanguinetti clues me in. Apparently you can in fact just do this:

say "muppet balls"

and get the same result. (But now you can also do it programmatically, without system() calls or backticks.)