Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Look At All The Blogs I'm Not Reading

A few days ago I posted that I wanted to ban my own blog from Hacker News. Now I can.

Eric from Internet Duct Tape made a wicked-cool personal ban script for Firefox (which requires Greasemonkey) which allows you to ban sites from your personal view of Reddit or Hacker News with a single click.

Number 1 is missing for a reason; it's a TechCrunch link. TechCrunch is permanently banned from my personal copy of Firefox, so I never have to see a single TechCrunch link ever again.

The same is true for Coding Horror, Steve Yegge, and Scobleizer, and the minute my own blog shows up on Hacker News again, I'm banning that too (for slightly different reasons). I banned paulgraham.com, too. That was difficult, but overdue.