Friday, November 14, 2008

Promiscuity: I Loves To Fork

This is a very handy library.

A high-level interface to the CMU Link Grammar.

This binding wraps the link-grammar shared library provided by the AbiWord project for their grammar-checker, with a few additional patches.

But I forked it anyway.

Here's why, from the INSTALL file:

Giles forked this project because the original project required you to run patch and provided a copy-paste patch command that didn't work on his box. It seemed completely fucking insane to distribute a file known to need patching, so he forked the library and put it on the githubs. If you're a C wizard, look at updating the link-grammar version. The distribution included here isn't really link-grammar 4.3.5; it's a fork of link-grammar 4.3.5, with some minor changes. Giles is not actually clever enough to tell you what those changes are, although he applied them by hand and can help you if you have install questions.

I actually think this was a good idea. It's so much easier to just fix something than it is to persuade other people to fix it. Plus, the library wasn't on GitHub, which made me assume it wasn't maintained at all. Just in case, though, I'm e-mailing the authors.