Friday, November 14, 2008

vi In IRB: Screencasting FAIL

I attempted to screencast how I use vi and TextMate from within IRB. I also ranted about how I think the failure of this technique to have already become incredibly popular means everybody but me is an idiot. Unfortunately I also totally failed to realize that if you turn the volume down on your Mac, Snapz Pro X will not observe those changes. The result: babbling and ranting which is practically inaudible, underneath a song which sounds OK played over and over again at a low volume, which is what I experienced, but not so much so at a high volume, which is what Snapz Pro X recorded.

Snapz Pro X is cheap and effective and I'm usually happy with it, but this volume fail makes me think they should have called it Snapz Amateur X.

Anyway, my advice is turn the volume off completely and just enjoy the demo. Or watch with volume on, point, and laugh.